Sunrise Energy

Sunrise Energy, majority owned (60%) by MOGS Oil & Gas, is an on- and offshore gas import infrastructure project aimed at addressing Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) shortages in the Western Cape.

Africa’s largest open-access LPG import and storage facility, Sunrise Energy’s Saldanha Bay terminal will change the energy mix in the Western Cape and further afield, enabling the widespread distribution of cheaper alternatives for domestic thermal applications and less dependence on electricity.

The Saldanha Bay facility will make the import of LPG into the Western Cape considerably more efficient and more cost-effective than is currently the case. The Western Cape is South Africa’s largest provincial consumer of LPG but other import facilities are located more than 1 400km from Cape Town.

It is national government policy to increase the use of environmentally-friendly and affordable LPG in the national energy mix.

Utilising a multi-buoy mooring system, a subsea and overland pipeline, storage and blending facilities, Sunrise Energy will create broader LPG access in the Western Cape and will boost the capacity of existing LPG distributors as well as enabling the entry of new SMEs.

Key Project Details

  • The Sunrise Energy facility is open access with the infrastructure being accessible to any third-party LPG importer, distributor or bulk consumer. Sunrise Energy provides terminal services and does not own or trade LPG products, the open access resulting in the supply of LPG to the market at globally competitive pricing
  • Successfully commissioned in Q2 2017, the Sunrise Energy project entails the development and operation of an LPG import terminal at Saldanha Bay. The project is being implemented in response to ongoing LPG supply shortfalls in the Western Cape and will assist in creating a better, more affordable, more resilient regional energy mix
  • LPG vessels anchor in Saldanha Bay. A subsea/overland pipeline brings imported product to the terminal where it is blended to specification and odourised. Despatch is by road to downstream customers or storage facilities
  • Phase 1 of the Sunrise Energy terminal entails 5 500 tonnes of storage, allowing for a monthly capacity of 17 500 tonnes of LPG. Construction of Phase 1 was completed on schedule and the facility became operational in May 2017. The terminal was commissioned at least five years earlier than any other viable major new energy alternative in South Africa, making energy available immediately to end users without the need for costly investment in distribution infrastructure.

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