M-Tech Industrial


  • Established in 2001 and based in Potchefstroom, South Africa with a professional engineering staff of 60 people and 20 production and support staff
  • MTECH is a leading, specialist provider of energy related engineering services and products to the power generation, mining and other industries
  • M-Tech is Global leader in Power Utility real time performance management software, consulting and systems solutions
  • ISO9001 Certified.

Services & Products

  • Consulting: studies, product development, design, construction and/or commissioning and operation, plant control & engineering simulation, heat recovery, pump scheduling, water system optimization
  • Time-in-State®: is a real time performance management solution improving production output with application in all industrial processes; mining, power generation, petrochemical, paper etc.
  • Flownex® SE: M-Tech’s main software product and a Global leader in the field, Flownex is a thermal- fluid systems simulation and design package
  • Enervap: enforced evaporation technologies; misting cannons, water fracturing, nozzle based system
  • Enerflow: heat pump manufacture & installation Air Cooling Units: modular and mobile underground mining air cooling units