Consolidated Oil and Gas (COGS)

MOGS is subsidiary, COGS, a Mozambican-registered company is developing various oil and gas related projects and investments.

In recent years Mozambique has discovered massive gas reserves (in excess of 85 trillion cubic feet) in the north of the country. Anadarko and ENI are currently finalising negotiations with the Mozambique government to commence production and construction of onshore and offshore facilities to support their operations. The estimated cumulative investment into Mozambique will be in the region of $25 billion.

COGS-owned industrial land in Pemba has been developed to support oil and gas services companies being established in that northern city. COGS is also developing in-port pollution control services for the country’s main ports, including Maputo, Nacala, and Beira.

COGS is exploring the feasibility of building a fuel transmission pipeline to service inland SADC countries which currently rely on South Africa and Beira for their fuel imports.