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Sunrise Energy is majority owned (60%) by MOGS Oil & Gas, an on-and-offshore gas import terminal which aims to provide affordable, efficient infrastructure services.

Sunrise Energy is Africa’s largest open-access liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) import and storage facility, located in Saldanha Bay on South Africa’s West Coast.

Sunrise Energy is an open-access terminal, meaning that all third-party LPG importers, distributors or bulk consumers may use its infrastructure and services. The current Sunrise Energy Terminal (Phase 1) has a receiving or working storage capacity of 5500 metric tonne LPG, in the form of five mounded pressurised storage bullets. This relates to a monthly throughput capacity in excess of 17500 MT.

The project was commissioned in May 2017 after an investment from Mining Oil and Gas Services (Pty) Ltd (MOGS), who took up the position of majority shareholder in January 2015.

Utilising a multi-buoy mooring system, a subsea and overland pipeline, storage and blending facilities – Sunrise Energy will create broader LPG access in the Western Cape will boost the capacity of existing LPG distibutors as well as enabling the entry of new SMEs.

Located in the Port of Saldanha, which is approximately 150 km from Cape Town, It is an easily accessible port for ocean-going LPG tankers transporting LPG from the Indian and Atlantic side of Africa, including Trinidad, Angola, Gulf of Guinea, Middle East or even as far away as the Gulf of Mexico. In the future, the majority of LPG imported through Sunrise is expected to be sourced from new-build LNG facilities in Mozambique, Angola and the Gulf of Guinea.

The Terminal is furthermore well located for the transport of LPG by road to the central markets of Cape Town and further afield to the Northern, Eastern Cape, Free State and even Namibia and Botswana.

Sunrise Energy has designed the Terminal in a modular manner to grow with the market over the period of the next thirty years, with room for expansion via Phases 2 and 3 to a receiving capacity of 11000 and 16500 MT parcels respectively. This means that, ultimately, 52000 MT or more per month of LPG can be supplied via the terminal to the market via the Sunrise Energy Import Terminal.