Consolidated Oil and Gas Services (COGS) 2018-08-03T12:57:17+02:00

COGS is a Mozambican-registered company ,which is 75% owned by MOGS, dedicated to the provision of infrastructure solutions to the extractive industry by investing in pipelines, fuel storage facilities and other related energy infrastructure.

The balance of the shares is held by a local company Oil & Gas Mozambique, which represents the local partner’s interests. It is strategically partnered with established entities in the Oil & gas sector, which offer capital and international experience in building and managing major energy infrastructure throughout the African continent.

COGS is deploying in-port pollution control services at the country’s main ports including Maputo, Nacala and Beira. Working with Inamar and CFM, COGS’s Tier 1 oil pollution infrastructure and capability assists Mozambique to deliver on the National Contingency Plan.

This enables COGS to meet its international obligations to respond quickly and decisively to any pollution incidents. Such capability is a prerequisite for the imminent large-scale unlocking of Mozambique’s massive offshore gas reserves.

MOGS and COGS have also lent considerable expertise to the establishment of LPG import facilities in Beira. Such infrastructure will facilitate the widespread distribution of this clean-burning, plentiful energy at considerably lower cost than what is presently available.