MOGS Oil & Gas Services (Pty) Ltd

Our philosophy and
business model

We develop, own, operate and invest in oil and gas midstream infrastructure across the African continent.

Our business model is specifically built around the following core principles:

  • We invest in, develop, own and operate oil and gas midstream infrastructure across the African continent
  • Our infrastructure assets derive revenue from throughput and/or on a storage tariffed basis, with a preference for long-term take-or-pay contract structures
  • We do not own any of the commodities that we handle nor position ourselves as the off-taker of the commodities but offer use of our infrastructure and services on an open-access basis
  • We look to partner with governments and world-class companies on project development, execution and operations. Our understanding of oil and gas infrastructure as an enabler of economic growth is validated by our long-standing partnerships with governments. For many of them (including the governments of South Africa, Ghana and Mozambique), MOGS Oil & Gas is the partner of choice
  • We are part of a large dynamic group whose members are committed to broad-based, sustainable value creation and development, good governance and accountability.

Capital and Risk Allocation

Given the large capital deployed to each asset and the long-term nature of our investments, we allocate capital across different jurisdictions with a risk-centric approach. We also want to build a portfolio that has an optimal balance between greenfield (both development and construction stage) and brownfield assets to balance value creation for our shareholders through growth and a sustainable yield. We have a preference for long-term contracted revenues or assets with a captive market with high barriers to entry.

Geographic diversification: We look to build an attractive portfolio of assets by diversifying geographically to manage country risk.

Optimal stage allocation: Developing and acquiring operating and yielding assets forms an integral part of our strategy to deliver value to our shareholders both through organic growth and yield.

Contracted revenues: We pursue robust and medium-to-long term contracts with customers with strong balance sheets or assets with a captive market with high barriers to entry in order to limit market risk exposure.

We are headquartered in Johannesburg, with offices in Cape Town South Africa, Accra in Ghana, Maputo in Mozambique and Texas in USA.