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As part of its Corporate Responsibility Programme, MOGS supports a number of social, commercial and skills development programmes. In 2017, MOGS provided 10 bursaries to students who are developing careers in critical mining and other industry-related fields. We have increased the number of bursaries available through our innovative approach to contracting service providers. In addition to bursary support, the company sponsors unemployed learners with a Project Management Programme, to equip them with basic project management skills in construction. Our enterprise and supplier development projects focus on the growth of Bafokeng-based businesses. These include Greenleaf and Kakano Holdings who were provided with photographic and filming equipment, Kine X Promotions and Criti Care, all of whom attended a range of accredited installation training courses supported by MOGS. Acquiring these qualifications will enable the companies to participate in the Digital Migration (DTT) rollout programme giving them additional opportunities for markets access.

MOGS provided socio-economic funding to Royal Bafokeng Enterprise Development (RBED) for mentoring and coaching of the above companies. MOGS partners with a number of investee companies who share our approach to social and economic advancement of previously disadvantaged communities – collectively we have delivered a number of skills development and empowerment initiatives.